Why Choose Us

In the words of its founder, Herzog Financial Group “does business a little bit differently.”

First and foremost, we believe strongly in bringing all relevant people and parties to the table for financial planning discussions. Such meetings could include multiple generations of family members as well as one’s accountant, tax attorney and even representatives of the insurance field. There are so many angles to financial planning, and while Herzog readily admits that it can’t be all thigs to all people, the firm takes pride in its ability to act as a sort of quarterback and bring all components and interest into the equation in an effort to break down the disconnect and obtain financial peace of mind for our clients.

Additionally, Herzog differentiates itself from the competition with a fee-only structure. Accepting absolutely no commissions, referral fees, or fees from sales incentives, brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and insurance companies, our advisors operate with no conflicts of interest and are guaranteed to remain objective in their dealings with and recommendations to clients.