Our Fees

Herzog Financial Group is a Fee-Only firm.  We are paid directly by our clients for our services, much like a doctor, attorney, or accountant.  This is our only source of income. We receive no compensation, commissions, fee splits, or any other financial incentives from brokerages, banks, insurance companies or financial service providers. Our advice is free from the influence that such outside compensation may induce.

Our fees are hourly or project based. You only pay for the time we spend meeting with you, analyzing your information, and providing the results of our planning. In many cases, after determining the extent of a client’s planning needs, we will quote a fixed fee to complete the requested service. In other cases, where the amount of time needed is difficult to project, we may simply track our time and bill per hour. In that case, we will provide a time estimate and will touch base with you as we go so there are no surprises. Our fees typically range from a few hundred dollars for a limited financial issue to several thousand dollars for a complex, broad-based financial plan.

After completing a financial planning engagement, you may wish to work with us to implement your plan and review it on regular basis, or to provide periodic investment advice. This is generally structured on an hourly fee basis in which you contact us for follow-up advice as needed.